Build-to-Rent Furniture Packages QLD

Enable your residents to feel special.

Your build-to-rent apartment building is designed to offer unencumbered occupancy for those residents lucky enough to find a place in these lifestyle-orientated, rent-to-keep complexes.

Designed and built for long-term occupancy, our furniture is high quality with timeless design. Mayvn Interiors Build to Rent Furniture Packages QLD mean your build-to-rent apartments have a consistent look and feel, tailored to your project, location and intended residents.

While we know one size doesn’t fit all, many build-to-rent complexes are designed with Millennials in mind. This sector has largely abandoned the ‘Australian ‘dream’ of home ownership and are the vanguard for the acceptance of rent for life, as for much of Europe’s population. 

Our Millennials seek superior lifestyle benefits from their build-to-rent complexes: concierge service, communal areas for socialising, and white goods included in the property. 

Build-to-rent owners can now add to their offering with customised build-to-rent furniture packages with volume purchasing bulk discounts.

Build to Rent Furniture Packages QLD - customised to your build-to-rent project.

Developers furnishing a build-to-rent project can choose from a suite of packages tailored to your project’s room layout design and interior design scheme.

  • We work with your architects and designers to create customised packages
  • You choose from our range of furniture packages.
  • You and we create your own packages.