Volume Purchasing

D E S I G N  Y O U R  O W N  F U R N I T U R E  R A N G E

Stand out from your competition. Shop smarter. Save money

Suitable for property styling companies, furniture hire companies, boutique retail, multi-unit property developers, build to rent projects, serviced apartments, holiday resorts, multi-property short term leasing projects, hotels, motels, restaurants and entertainment venues, event hire companies, wedding and event decorators.

Quality furniture specifically designed by you, for your business requirements. Let us help you curate your own collection – Melita has over 10 years experience in Property Styling and combined, Jess and Melita have over 40 years experience in the design industry.

Purchase furniture designs you want, not just what is available in the current Australian market. We are open to your design ideas, create your own designs or customise any of the hundreds of designs from our catalogue.

B E N E F I T S :

✔️  Save Money - prices below wholesale for equal quality stock in Australia

✔️  One invoice. One contact. One delivery charge. This alone will save you thousands

✔️  Plan your buying and create your own looks and furniture ranges

✔️  Take advantage of purchasing mixed containers – minimum 1 x 20ft container

✔️  Create cohesive looks with complimentary timber and upholstery finishes

✔️  Select from designs that are not flooded in the Australian market

✔️  Purchase quality. All timber products are made from oak with some use of oak ply, oak ply is a more durable product than a slab of oak

✔️  Internal upholstery structures are made from hardwood and ply, generally pine to keep costs down

✔️  We use commercial grade fabrics which are all dry cleanable and can be standard upholstery cleaned

✔️  No flat pack nightmares. Minimal assembly required. No melamine, no chipboard, no allen keys. Imagine all the time you will save!

✔️  Manufacturing lead time is generally 60-90 days + international shipping (4 weeks)

✔️  On your first order we will cover your unloading, order processing and interim

warehousing fees (maximum 14 days)

✔️  Minimum order is 1 x 20ft container which will decorate 4 x 2 bedroom apartment

L E T ’ S  G E T  S T A R T E D

Contact us: jess@homedesignandco.com.au

Request a copy of our online catalogue which has hundreds of products that can be customised to your specific requirements.