Who is Mavyn

noun. Maven. Mayvn. MeIv(ÉÂ)n.

A mayvn is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge to others.

Mayvn Interiors emerged onto the scene in 2015, presenting
itself as a wholesale furniture label synonymous with a relaxed, coastal style.
Our journey began by conceptualizing and crafting upholstered furniture, starting
with bedhead designs, and gradually expanding to encompass armchairs, ottomans,
sofas, and cushions.

In 2018, we took a digital stride, launching our online retail site,
which was closely succeeded by the creation of our physical retail space in
2019. As the years flowed, a moment arrived for us to embark on a new odyssey
and we bid farewell to the furniture brand, Mayvn Interiors.

My work in the design industry commenced at the age of 19, a
trajectory that was ignited when I dipped my toes into the waters of interior
aesthetics at the age of 15 through school appointed work experience in visual
merchandising at Perth's Myer Department store.

My journey has spanned various domains including visual
merchandising, event design, property styling, interior decoration, and even
clinched multiple accolades in exhibition design during my tenure in the events

The allure of residential interiors and the pursuit of crafting relaxed,
enduring spaces beckoned me back to the world of interior decoration.

In parallel, the other facet of my enterprise, Mayvn Project was
born. Following an enriching eight-year stretch of conceiving and importing our
proprietary brand, I've reached a pivotal stage. I've opted to share the wealth
of knowledge amassed during this journey and help fellow Australian
enterprises, by guiding them in the process of designing and importing their
own bespoke furniture, tailored to their projects, developments, or brand

Creative Director. Designer. Curator. Design addict & entrepreneur