Who is Mayvn?

noun. Maven. Mayvn. MeIv(ÉÂ)n.
A mayvn is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge to others.

Inspired by classic lines and coastal design undertones Mayvn Interiors produce timeless pieces for the classic Australian home. Our pieces have a relaxed simplicity that evoke a sense of laid-back fluidity that are built on comfort, function, quality and impeccable design. We love a watery palette in hues of blue and green with layers of neutral as our staple offering.

We love to bring something unique to the Australian market. We love to travel and be inspired by our journey and each collection tells a story of what has been influencing us from around the globe. We bring the best of these ideas home to our design studio in the sunny, coastal town of Manly, NSW where they are developed and designed to suit the Australian landscape and lifestyle.

Melita Bruvelis

Creative Director. Designer. Curator. Design addict, entrepreneur, and lover of a relaxed interior.

Beyond happy spending the day sourcing the perfect curio to inspire the next idea. I have been involved in the Design Industry for over 20 years and I am a very proud member of the Design Institute of Australia in Interior Decoration.

I have worn many hats in this gorgeous industry which I thrive on: Visual Merchandiser, Event Designer, Property Stylist and Interior Decorator.
Here at Mayvn Interiors I want to collaborate all my experience to create lust-worthy designs for people just like me.

Darryl Tweedale

Manager of the Serious Stuff.
Organiser, logistics pro and technical guru, I make the Mayvn machine hum.

With a background in IT and economics I see things from a different angle and make sure everything stays on track. My operational and analytical influence is the Ying to Melita’s creative Yang.

Having grown up in South Africa and lived in London for 6 years, I now call Sydney home. I see Mayvn Interiors as the perfect way to explore what different cultures can bring to our brand.
I want to forge new relationships and break new ground in order to share our passion for beautiful things with you.